Jersey City has launched a study to understand how to make streets safer and more appealing for walking.

Making streets better for pedestrians makes walking around the city more attractive and safer for everyone. Encouraging walking promotes an alternative to driving, supports healthy lifestyles, strengthens communities and can reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and support continuing investment in the city. 

The Pedestrian Enhancement Plan will focus on two major objectives:

1.     Improve safety and prioritize the pedestrian experience (with traffic calming, ways to change driver behavior, etc.)

2.     Improve aesthetics and placemaking through pedestrian-level amenities (such as signage, street furniture, pavement markings, public art, etc.)

Using public input and data analysis, this study will identify streets that need improvements. Six walkability workshops (one in each ward) will be held to pinpoint issues and opportunities on these streets. The final report will present findings and recommend pedestrian enhancements for the selected streets.